Will You Be Affected By A Reduction In Waste Services?

Is yours one of the households that will be affected by reduced rubbish removal? A recent decision by the Conservative led Blaby district council will leave more than 40,000 homes facing less frequent home recycling and rubbish pickup services. Currently, district paid collectors are removing refuse and recyclable items on a weekly basis. Under the district’s new plan, such collections would move to an alternating schedule. Only rubbish would be picked up one week, with only recyclable items picked up the following one.

Why This Is Happening Now

The Blaby district council received a £2,000,000 government grant for community waste removal and recycling purposes in 2012. The district used the funds to purchase five vehicles for recycling and additional rubbish and recycling bins. The council also invested £235,000 of this grant money to pay for wages and additional equipment. In addition to facing the impending loss of the government waste grant, the Leicester County council has informed Blaby council members that they will no longer be paying the district recycling credits, depriving the district of £500,000 annually.

Anticipated Outcomes

With the loss of both the waste removal grant and the loss of the recycling credits, the district claims it can no longer afford to offer residents both weekly rubbish removal and recycling services. While the council has hired a consulting firm to conduct a detailed impact study, some representatives are pointing to an earlier survey. It claims that as many as 23 percent of district residents are not fully using either waste or recycling bins on a weekly basis, and thus would not be affected by biweekly pickups.

Other district councillors dispute the go here results of this survey. They claim that the result of such reductions would be an unsightly and unhealthy piling up of waste. They note that residents would be further inconvenienced by having to purchase larger bins to store additional refuse. And while redundancies have not yet been announced, the council is anticipating the elimination of jobs in addition to services. The council plans no official action on the matter until the consultation report is in.

Alternatives For Residents

Since other districts have already adopted reduced waste schedules with largely minimal impacts, it seems likely that the Blaby district will be following suit. An outcome of this may well be an increased neighbourhood reliance on private waste disposal companies. Just like district funded waste facilities, these private concerns offer state of the art facilities, equipment, and vehicles, and can pick up and safely dispose of refuse and recycling. Such companies can also lease appropriate bins and equipment for private use. So while change does seem to be coming for refuse pickup for residents of Leicester and Leicestershire, the presence of (possibly busier) private waste companies means that the streets don’t have to be littered with litter.



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