When Should You Hire A Personal Injury Lawyer


Following an injury due to a car accident, a motorcycle accident, a fall, or any other form of incident, you might wonder if you should hire a personal injury lawyer. There are several things to consider before tapping the service of a legal expert:

Extent Of Injury

Not all personal injury cases require a lawyer. If you have minor injuries and you can work on your own to handle insurance claims, then, by all means, you can do that. However, if you have pain that lasts for several days and a resulting condition that needs medical attention, it will be best to seek the assistance of a personal injury lawyer. Likewise, you should consult a lawyer if your injury required surgery, hospitalization, surgery, cosmetic surgery, physical therapy, and other forms of treatment to help you return to your daily activities.

When your personal injury involves significant medical expenses, a personal injury lawyer can help ensure that your rights are protected.

Injury Caused By Another Individual

If you believe that your injuries were caused by the negligence or action of another party, then it will be best to consult a personal injury lawyer on what’s the best course of action.

When you try to make a claim, it is important to prove the fault of the other party and establish your case using evidence while observing certain standards. A personal injury lawyer will be able to guide you and help you gather and preserve evidence you need for your case.

Insurance Claims

Insurance companies might shoulder your medical expenses but just like any other business, these firms also try to save money on whatever aspect they can. They work with adjusters who can help them decrease their losses. These adjusters can call you to ask for detail about your accident, medical records, among other information in order to find out if they can save the insurance firm some money. If this happens, you should tell them that you are in touch with a personal injury lawyer.

Before giving another party any document or statement, make sure you consult your lawyer so you do not compromise your claims or legal case.

When you sign released without being reviewed by your lawyer, you might give the insurance companies a chance to look for loopholes to blame your injury on an incident that has been pre-existing. This can result in the significant reduction of your claim.

Unfair Amount

Insurance companies might attempt to lowball your claim and if you believe they are being unfair, it will be best to seek the help of legal experts so you can get fair compensation for your injuries. Personal injury lawyers know every trick in the book other parties may try to put you at a disadvantage.

Familiarity With The Settlement Process

If you want to handle your own case, you need to be familiar with how the legal system works whether you are pushing for a claim or going through settlement. You need good negotiation skills to ensure that you get a fair amount. It can be a fairly complicated process especially when you have to gather and preserve evidence. A personal injury lawyer can save you from the stress and headaches of a possible claim.

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