Why you should hire a Landlord Lawyer?


If you’re among the landlords who own or manage few rental properties, you are likely to have an attorney.  The lawyers play vital role in protecting your rights as a landlord. You can have them on staff or even on a retainer contract (where you make the advance payment to handle regular issues).

Also, you shouldn’t require too consistently consulting a lawyer instead approach him as and when needed. You must recognize the situations where expert knowledge, advice and coaching are necessary.

Always remember to hire a specialized landlord’s attorney, for a landlord tenant case. A lawyer sans the expert knowledge can prove fatal to your situation. So never opt in for a criminal lawyer, a corporate lawyer, a divorce lawyer or a civil lawyer to represent you in Housing Cases. Landlords make such errors all the time. The issue is these lawyers don’t understand the details or technicalities of Landlord-Tenant Law. They may know how to stub heads with the counter lawyer, but failed to know what your actual rights are.

Even the real estate lawyers are often found unfamiliar with the complexity of Landlord Tenant Law. Those attorneys generally deal with the sale and purchase of residential or commercial property, which is certainly contrast to what happens in Housing Court. Landlord and Tenant Law is a different practice area altogether.

Hiring a wrong attorney can be the expensive decision for you. If your attorney fails to understand your case, you’re at high risk of losing. And it might end up paying exponential fees to your lawyer.

Landlords are no less than a business owners since they aim to strike a profitable deal on rental properties. In certain situations, hiring a lawyer is a smart move.

Some of the most common circumstances that will benefit from a professional’s view include evicting stubborn tenants, sued for illegal discrimination, major property destruction, injury or illness, and other kind of property issues.

Austin Landlord Lawyer and the team help you deal with rental risks such as expensive repairs or non-paying tenants. They make you understand the importance of protecting the rights of investors or landlords.

The team helps you in creating a robust lease agreement, a crucial way to protect your rights. A written lease agreement is always encouraged and recommended while letting out your property. It sets out the essential terms and conditions beforehand where both the parties are acknowledged thoroughly.

As a professionally devoted lawyer, the team at Girling law drafts a landlord-favorable lease agreement that is compliant under both Texas and federal tenant laws. The agreement talks about various subjects such as rent amount, parties’ names, security deposit, deadlines, rights and responsibilities, grace period and solutions for breach of contract.


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